#AuxJoursLeJour rounds up “MTL’s 5 Best Rappers Under 25”

Auxjourslejour’s Starting 5 – 2014

Auxjourslejour’s Starting 5 – 2014

With SRH, The Posterz, Green Hypnotic, Louie P & J.O The Corrupted
being their top 5, here’s what they had to add:

“There’s no denying the fact that Montreal loves Hip-Hop. Just like many other North American cities, we consume it on a regular basis and have been influenced by it since its inception. When it comes to creating hip-hop, specifically english hip-hop, we haven’t had much to be excited about until now. We all know that social media has changed the musical landscape by keeping us connected at all times and it’s effect can finally be seen right here in our own backyard. Montreal’s new wave of hip-hop creators are finally transcending on an international level. The new found spotlight has been shining brightly on both our beatmakers and producers and is now slowly making its way over to our MC’s. With this new movement taking shape we decided to take a look at five of the best young rappers/rap acts to impact our current scene.

*Beginning on March 3rd, Auxjourslejour
will be individually breaking down each of our #Starting5 MC’s

Artists to watch include: Big Dreams Team, ElonSkee & Mac of the Black Glovez.

Photographer: Melissa.B | Graphic Design: Sach Graphic Designer
Mua: Patricia Lapointe



~ by ElonSkee on March 1, 2014.

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