To whom it may concern

The main man behind Montreality took to Facebook to address a few things..

“Montreal rappers need to stop begging & waiting for hand-outs. I only respect go-getters & takers, believe that. No, I won’t interview you until I feel like you deserve it, you know why? Because Montreality is MY company, you haven’t invested in it & therefore can’t tell me what I can & cannot do. You’re basically a parasite on the back of one of the most successful hip-hop movements in Montreal history. And to think you got the nerve to ask why it’s called “Montreality”, here’s the answer to that: I was raised in Montreal & I love hip-hop – that’s my reality. Now, here’s the big picture you’re blind to see: I’m building a Bridge, it isn’t complete yet, but your ignorant ass wants to cross it – be my guest, but don’t blame me when you fall down halfway through. You can’t rush Greatness, so instead of trying to bring me down, grab a motherfxckin’ hammer & let’s build this damn Bridge (which is long overdue). Hip-Hop fans across the globe recognize Montreal(ity) for having the flyest interviews, that’s my way of putting on – what have YOU done for Montreal? And, for all the older folks hating, you need a serious reality check, because YOU are the reason there wasn’t a Bridge to begin with. Until then, unless you’re writing checks for me or got a hammer in your hand, I don’t owe you Cheerios.”



~ by ElonSkee on November 2, 2012.

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