Montrealitys Sina releases the official Montreality Show Vol. 2 tracklist

“The Show Goes On”

Official Tracklist:
1. Parles De Nous (Bad News Brown ft. Vai)
2. Cloud Kickers (Milli Millz)
3. Back On Da Block (Magnum)
4. Extra Cargo (Young Jedi)
5. Crazy (Harmonica Cover) (Bad News Brown)
6. Lois Lane (MuGz)
7. Claim My Spot (Elonskee)
8. Lemonade Kush (Green Money f. 4Say)
9. Dominance (Taigenz)
10. Ain’t No Talkin’ (Milli Millz)
11. Time (Bad News Brown) (Prod. Dirtwork)
12. On My Wait (CeasRock)
13. The Glue (Maldito)
14. Everybody Get Up (Goodfellaz)
15. Hip-Hop (K-Rim f. Bad News Brown & Dramatik)
16. My City (Mr. 4fifty)
17. Prendre Le Risque (Baxter Dexter)
18. Bang Bang (Nov)
19. So Extraordinary (F.R.O.S.T.)
20. Kleptomane (Zed)
21. Stay Real (General QT)
22. Style Elegance (LeVi)
23. Watchin’ (Dj Crook f. Bad News Brown)
Bonus Cuts:
24. Tu Nous Reconnais (Ba2sim)
25. Must Go On (6oy6lue f. Jerico)

“Each track has been essential building block for this project, I would like to extend my gratitude to each and every artist & producer who submitted music for this compilation, none of this would be possible without you, Montreality is the vertebral column, but your music is what’s makes it what it is, another classic Compilation CD overflowing with bilingual music coming straight out of Montreal city. Thank You.”

To be released June 1st at 8PM on

Rest in Power Bad News Brown, this here is dedicated to you.


~ by ElonSkee on June 1, 2011.

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