Live The Difference

In a land as historically rich as Quebec, it’s a certain shame that one of the few cultural milestones younger generations in the province have borne witness to (and will doubtless remember until their dying day) is the moment the visionaries at Vachon bakeries rolled out their staple treat, Ah! Caramel, in cookie format. I haven’t felt that kind of nationalistic pride since Yum Yum chips introduced St. Hubert BBQ flavour. Oh, oui, je me souviens très bien.

This Saturday is your chance to witness a cross-linguistic Montreal hip hop event that has never been attempted on such a scale. No less than 17 local rap acts get up for the New Money Live Showcase at Théâtre Corona. K103’s Street Sounds host Nick Fury, one of several co-organizers, believes the timing has never been better and knows it’s gonna be big.

“The scene has never been so unified, with the same common goal of not putting one particular person on, but the whole scene,” says Fury. “The talent level and work ethic has never been this high, which gives us the opportunity to put something like this together for the first time in history.”

Bad News Brown had a heavy hand in making this happen, bringing a sub-national assembly of anglo cats including Magnum .357, Mugz, Boy 6lue and I Blast together with French-language acts Cyrus, Bagdad Musik and Karma Atchykah.

by Darcy Macdonald


~ by ElonSkee on November 11, 2010.

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