The Takeover [08/21/2010 CKUT 90.3 Masters At Work 7-9 PM] + Vent Transcript Below

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Here’s what sparked the whole issue
[Ken Dawg; Masters At Work 08/14/2010]:

“Tonights theme for tonight was about “Old Money”, reason why i’m talking about “Old Money” is because right now as I said I got love for the new school cats but one thing that i don’t like and i’m gonna say this straight up man, theres alot of people out here that have been putting it down for a long time and even if they’re not relevant now, still gotta show respect. I’m not telling you to worship them, not telling you to treat them like they need to have superstar status but do not bite the hand that helped to feed you. That’s all i’m saying because when I sit back and I think about guys like Malish, I will vouch for him i will cosign on the fact that i watch Malish Tear Endless, I mean ENDLESS MC’s out at battle competitions when other Suckas were not even at the battle competitions muchless in the spectators crowd, muchless judging. So I dare, I dare a sucka out here to call out Malicious because like I said, at the end of the day he puts in the work. Before there was Facebook, before there was MySpace and all of that shit. So wether you respect him or respect him not, think twice before you diss him. Before there was social networking, he used to be doing it on the street! Hustled on the streets not on Facebook and got people to fill up venues. So before you uneducated fools that insist on dissing our icons or our heroes that have been putting it down and putting in work, i don’t like that. I ain’t saying any names but i’m just saying at the end of the day people need to get their shit straight. Just because you walked into the game a couple of years ago don’t think you own the game. So all you suckas that be talking all your shit, we run the game, Masters At Work own the game [20 years]. But I had to educate you because alot of you suckas out there delusional, come back to the real world show respect to your heroes and stop dissing people and talking all that “New Money” shit. Y’all gotta get your shit straight, don’t bite the hand that feeds you, cause you will not hear your track on Masters At Work, go see the Don Dada [Don Smooth] or go see Nick Fury, but I ain’t playing that shit, i’m keeping it gangsta. I had to speak my mind I had to vent cause y’all pissing me off man seriously”.


~ by ElonSkee on August 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Takeover [08/21/2010 CKUT 90.3 Masters At Work 7-9 PM] + Vent Transcript Below”

  1. A lot of fronting taking place here. Montreal hip-hop could’ve been light years ahead that it is presently. The hard work you young guns were forced to put in, and are still being forced to do would’ve been much lighter. What happened were penny hustlers and hungry deejays doubling as party promoters who didn’t, couldn’t see the big picture because they were all running after a dollar. They were about exploiting the public, the deejays and artistes seeking to do rap and R&B. They weren’t into the promotion of the art but self. They had no knowledge of the music industry, no connect, but felt if they gained a street rep their voice would be the one that rings. Then you had rappers who felt that because they could spit to accolades from their friends, they somehow had it made, and they were about dissin their forbearers. Compounding the situation was political and racial ignorance by Montreal Blacks stepping into the music biz, and their support of island tribalism. Thus, we saw non-white deejays with no connection to the culture getting paid, really paid, when Blacks who were better than them couldn’t get to carry their record crates into the clubs. When those clubs decide to hire Black deejays, it was only because they were about to go belly up and needed some quick cash. Hell, Black doormen were hired by the clubs to keep Blacks out. The sad thing is persons who could’ve helped, had extensive industry connects in the U.S., could’ve placed local product directly into the hands of A&R guys, and some of the US top Djs like say Clark Kent were frozen out. The cabal of Montreal “street promoters” and leading “street” deejays were always on another shytt, selling their birthright for a bowl of porridge, when a six-couse meal was there to be taken. I make no apologies, could tell a million stories.
    That’s real arrogance from Dawg to threaten he won’t play those he considered biting the hand, and he is being dismissive to Smooth and Fury in saying “new money” could take their tracks to them. But then again, that sort of politics on Black shows on CKUT is nothing new. At one point in time, one had to hire certain of the station hosts to get a function pushed.

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