Montreal Music: KD – Puttin In Work Remix Feat. Chad Ashe, ElonSkee, Fatty Soprano & Swift K.I.D (Clean)

Download Link (Clean):

Download Link (Dirty):

[Verse 2]
Ticked Off Now… Incredible And So Proffesional
Chasing Every Decimal With The Usage Of Decibals
X And O’s, Im The Rule Book’ Im Ethical
Pratical To Tearing Whats Harder Apart In Seconds So
Admit You Need Me’ See My Materials
Hotter Than Oat Cereal Sicker Than Bacterial
Infections Who Your Testing? Second Guessing
Could Have Me Draw Weapons Like A Serial
Killer, No Drizzy On The Track Though
I Stab Beats With Exacto’s
Lactose Yeah Im Gonna Milk The Game
And I Promise When I Leave’ That It’ll Never Be The Same
I Adore My Proffesion’ The Allure So Impressive
My First Impression Is Harder Than A Worker Under Pressure
I Cant Doze Off Like Snorlax’ Im Gon Last
… The Finish Lines What Im Gon Past’ And

~ by ElonSkee on June 9, 2010.

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