ElonSkee – She Got It Feat. General Q

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[Verse 1]
He Said I Could Get Anything I Want
Customize Any Clothes In My Desired Font
Of This I Was Fond So I Copped Some Derion
Hopped In The Bently And Then We Got It On

Next Day We Was At It Again
This Time He Said He Dont Mind If I Bring A Friend
But I Get Greedy So Sharing You Could Forget
Purchased The Louis Bag The Clerk Threw In The Whole Set

And Theres Nothing To Regret
If Papi Wanna Spoil Me I’ll Shop Until My Death
Anything I Wanna Get, Down To A Jet
Once I Seen His Hidden Stash I Was Instantly Wet

… Cause Moneys Like A Condom
Put It On’ And Its Shure To Make My Draws Run
Press It In’ Between My Thighs
Yes’ Throw It In The Bag This Is One Thing You Cant Buy

[Verse 2]
Gold Tip Laces, Shopping Blowing Faces
We Let The Bills Stack Like Wholesale Cases
Of Inventory Merchandise She Hits The Store And Murks The Price
Show Me All The Shirts You Like’ Gotta Look The Worth Tonight

Bra Strap Strapped Like 2 Gats Packed
Money Up In That So You Barbies Fall Back
My Shawty Is A Brat’ Alot Of Geese Pouring And Naw
We Dont Hangover In The Morning

Look At What She Got On, Outfit Made Of Cotton
Wanna Act Dumb? Shoot It Up Like Socom
Huh’ And I Got Lawyers On My Team So
W-What I Say Is Most Of The Time Legal

Feather Fetish Special Nights She Wears Peacock
And When We On The Phone She Tells Me That Her Tea’s Hot
I Tell Her We Were Made to Win And If The Beat Stop
Life Is Sugar Coated’ And We Got Free Drops

Yeah’ Im Still Nice Than All Of Yall
Without The Weed, Syrup, Pills Or The Alcohol
So Much Game’ You Would Of Thought I Bought A Basketball
I Keep’em Running To Me, Like A Taxi Call

General Q
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~ by ElonSkee on December 27, 2009.

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