ElonSkee – The Youngest In The City

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[Verse 1/3]
Number One Like R. Kellys Single
I Go Hard’ Call Me Mr. Armadillo
No Sleep’ Right To Work I Left My Pillow
See The Top Is Where Im Headed’ To Break The Window

I Used To Think I’d Never Make It In This Game
My Mind Is Far Superior Like A Foreign Exchange
But I See They Really Listen To Me’ And When I Speak
They Quote Every Line That I Rhyme On The Beat

… Primary Third Grade Is When I Started
Now Im Dumb Nice’ Special’ Retarded
BG Is The Team Taking Over Every Market
And Skee Got These Old Niggas Sounding Like Garbage

… No MTL Artist’ Can Match Up To My Practice
Google Who You Dealing With’ You Aint In My Age Bracket
Huh’ The Youngest In The City’ Im Spittin Chalk
You Go Hard? Nigga Im Going Cinder Block

[Verse 2/3]
Hustle Till My Last Day Out The Recession
Going Bar For Bar With Skee Is Outta The Question
That Aint Even A Priviledge Its More Like A Blessing
Spitting With The Kid Thats Destined

My Reign Is Such An Empire’ Take A Look At My Track Record
I Carry Work Like Coke On A Double Decker
And Th-They Say That Its Quality Over Quantity
My Qualities Great’ N-Now Dont Bother Me

Lets Get It Like Im Running For Mayor
Sitting Ontop Yes Im A Fresh Layer
… In The Lab Yeah I Do This All Day
And’ I Do It My Way Like DeAndre

Listen’ I Got Potential Like Student Studies
Destined To Make It’ And To All Of Those Who Show The Love Me
Your Reassured’ I Take Charge Like Games Of Rugby
And My Charm Got These Whack Niggas Feeling Lucky

[Verse 3/3]
Tell Me Why I Gotta Follow Yall
You See I Wanna Explode Like A Molotov
Not Simmer And Shiver’ Like A Forming Cold
Im Ready’ Like I Just Copped A Starter Ball

I Keep It Moving On The Game Like Im Passing Levels
You Aint Clear To Me’ Like Increasing Treble
All My Niggas Bam Bam’ No Pebbles
And Get It In Till The Whole Damn Beefs Settled

Check It’ I Still Chess Yall Checkers
The Youngest In The City And Im Oh So Clever
I Keep On Going’ Flushing Yall Pushing Levers
Every Song I Get Better

Please Believe Me
You Couldnt See Skee Like Stevie’ In A Room Watching TV
Im Nice Like Jeezy’ Now Everybody Wants A Feature
From The Bottom To The Top Like Bleachers’ Is My Path

Yea’ I Sticks To The Beats Like Hi-Hats
No School’ But Im So High Class
Ha’ Why Am I Such A Target Is What I Ask
Ya Still Couldnt See Me… Eye Patch

Alot Of Hope In The Game? Nope
But I Hope It Could Change
Frequency Flow’ Ya Better Get In Range
Kicking All You Bums Out Like Dame

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~ by ElonSkee on December 6, 2009.

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