ElonSkee – Empire State Of Mind

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[Verse 1/3]
Im Soft Ok, I Rather Be What You Never Been
You Speak Proper At Home, Ha’ Bretheren
I Lay It Out As You See My Lettering
Is Top Notch, Tick Tock’ Sending’em

To Heaven, You See Hell Is Hot
Like Me’ So I Guess Thats My Spot
I Never Follow The Latest, I Model The Greatest
Complex Rap Yall Are Oh So Basic

Forget About A Punchline’ I Flow Proper
Methaphors Unlike Yours’ I Conquer
The Beat And’ Whoever Is Featured
I Dont Wanna Talk About Keys Like Alicia

And I Aint The FDA’ But You Rappers Is Sweet
Eating Yall To The Sound Of The Beat
Im Nice’ N-Nice Like Beanie Siegel
Im Nice’ Please Tell That To The People

[Verse 2/3]
These Niggas Wanna Talk Like’ We Aint Hood
These Niggas Wanna Talk Like’ We Aint Good
These Niggas Talk Like We Dont Know Directs
But I Aint Speakin On The Pounds’ Or Pot Pyrex

Im A Lethal Injection, Equal Infection
Killing Anything On Site, Come Test Him
Smooth Like Western’ Music Out The System
Still Licking Shots Like Guards In A Prison

Hard So You Listen Close I Never Been A Softie
Every Morning You Need Me’ Like Cups Of Coffee
To Get Through Your Day, And Make It All Right
Dark Minded Like Dark Knights And Long Nights

Funny, But I Aint Laughing At You Jokes
Comedy Rappers, Yankovic Quotes Quote
Talking Down On The Youngest In The City
Nigga I Been Nice Your Light’ And Witty

[Verse 3/3]
Talking Like I Aint Real When The Flow Is Disgusting
Niggas Go Hard For The Team’ Yall Go Muffins
Jail I’ll Never See We Slick No Cuffing
Shooting At You Niggas Like Justin Agustin

And If You Realize On Every Track Im Never Cussing
A Nigga Keep It Clean Like Hes Javex Or Sumtin
Never Talking About Specifically What I Be Humping
Flexing On You Girls No Krumping

Dumping Heat, The Smartest Yes Your Dumber Than Me
Still Proving To Yall How Im Like 103
I Go In, Man They Should Call Me Mr. Going
Fixing The Rap Scenes Like Sewing

Piece Of Cake, My Way No Easy Bake
No Way You Could Ever Duplicate My Traits
Behave’ Sit Down And Play Your Place
You Dont Wanna Meet Dreads Like Kalishaa Blades Ha’

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~ by ElonSkee on November 24, 2009.

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