General Q – Money & Fame

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[Verse 1]
See Im Stuck In The Middle Something Like Malcom
My Work Is A Riddle Cause You Never Know The Outcome
But Im Down Son, Here Comes Round 1
Place The Mic In My Hands And The Fans Run

To Me, Cause They Know They Gotta Salute
The General’s In Town Is She Looking To Recruit?
They Look Up To Me Im Somethin Like An Idol
Known To Rid Your Pain So Forget Using Some Midol

And I Could Slow It Down Make You Anticipate The Flow
Or I Could Speed It Up Have You Fiendin For Sum Mo’
Im Like A Blast From Your Past Here To Make It Last
Pretty Young Thang On A Chase For Dat Paper Stash !

Im Tryna Get What I Never Grew Up Wit
The Life, Good Things An Uplift
Dat M-o-n-e-y,
Im Tryna Get Dat Money I Don’t Need To Tell You Why

Im Tryna See Things I Ain’t Ever Seen
Im Tryna Go Places I Aint’t Ever Been
(Uh) Tryna Get My Name In, Im Tryna Get That Fame
Where My Chicks Who Feel The Same?

[Verse 2]
It Could Start Here, Or It Could End Now
Where My Contract At? I Need A Pen Now
My Mind’s Spinning I’ve Got A Chance At Winning
Sumthin Like The Lottery, Gotta Get My Ticket!


But Believe Me This No Game Flip The Deck Up
You See My Face Im The Dame
Real Hood Chick This Is My Project
Take This As A Shooting Cause You Kno I’ll Be The Target

They Cant Stand, That Im Looking Down
While Im Up Above, They Be On The Ground
Im Just Here To Proclaim My Crown
Get Up On The Stage You Cant Take Me Down

So Get The Red Carpet My Entrace
Is The Signal To Get The Camera Started
Im Ready For Fame Fans Screaming My Name
Switched Lanes So I Never Have To Deal With Pain

Im Here To Do What Im Best At
Music Is My Strength I Dare You To Come And Test That!


[Verse 3]
Put The Mic Down, You Want It? (Ha!)
I’ll Destroy You In The First Round
Act Up, I’ll Have You Gone By Sundown
See Im Really Hot & You Need To Pipe Down

Ask The Public How I Run The Town
Matter Fact Ask My Servant If I Copped The Crown
BG E-N-T How I Was Found
See We On Top But Are Rhymes Are Underground

See Me Im Tryna Go Far
Step Into My Galaxy Im A Shooting Star
Or … I’ll Be On The Next Flight
Outta This World & Off To The High Life !


General Q


~ by ElonSkee on November 15, 2009.

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