ElonSkee – Thinking Of You Feat. Gawjuss (Single)

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[Verse 1]
…Everytime I Wanna See You
I Gotta Cancel Cause Im Busy As Can Be Still
You Say I Never Try, But I Know I Do
And So I Pout And Sigh, Thinking What We Been Through

Your Momma Callin Me, She Asking Where You At
But We Been Over Since Forever And Me Knowing That
For A Fact, I Tell Straight Dont Call Me
I Never Put A Hand On Her Dont Harm Me

You See Love, Tends To Disarm The
Applicant Applying To Work For His Hearts Needs
…And Put Him In A Victim Position
Shot To The Heart, Bleeding In The Dark

Leaving The Park In Tears’ Like Dear
I Just’ Really Wanted You To Hear… Yeah…
And There Comes The Breaking Moment
Similar To Branches Stranded In The Ocean, Im Hoping

[Verse 2]
You Know I Could Never Live Without You Baby
Without Your Kiss Without Your Touch Without Your Smile (And You Know)
Its Only Me And You, Nobody Else Can Love Me Like You Do
And I Swear That This Is True

I Miss Those Nights When You Used To Say To Me
Girl You Know Your The Only One I Need
You Know I Need You Too

All I Wanted Was You Right Here With Me
Nobody Else Can Make Me Feel So Complete
Your The Only One I Need

[Verse 3]
…Stuck Thinking About You
Memories Got A Nigga Feeling Like Glue
Feeling Like Blue Yeah The Hue If You Aint Catch
To Win You Back, I Would, Oh What I Wouldnt Do For That

My Dream Come True, Were One Not Two
You Got No Clue, My Dreams Are You…
And What I Want You Deliver On The Spot
And What I Want Now Is The Key To Your Lock

Keying The Lock Just Urging To See Your Beauty
Beauty, You Got Me Feeling Like This Is A Movie
…So Perfect, Your So Worth It
Them Other Girls Ma? They’re So Worthless

Nothing Can Amount To You
And That Includes If The Tallest Mountain Grew
And I Conclude That Im Gonna Count To 2
Cause 3 Is Too Much For My Heart To Spew, My Love


~ by ElonSkee on October 10, 2009.

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